Beastgrip Demo PhotoPlus Expo 2015

filmakr filmstrip b-roll beastgrip demo iphone app photoplus expo 2015 ui interface audio vadym cholenko best video app smartphone accesory cinematography videography iphoneography filmstrip imageFILMSTRIP VIEW: b-roll clips, but a clean single-layer Filmstrip in your timeline.

This is my Mojo on Mojo series continued… : ) This whole video about Beastgrip was shot, edited and shared on the same device using one piece of software, Filmkar, for a complete 360 mobile production. Play it back on YouTube at 1440 to see quality. Doing this has confirmed for me that 4K is very useful not so much for posting in 4K, but when the bitrate gets knocked down from 100 or 50 mbps to around 25 mbps, the footage compresses incredibly well. So I’m sold on 4K (unfortunately! — Download the 3840×2160 file on Vimeo for full quality) Final film edit is 1.27GB out of 67.35GB in the project.

How this short film about Beastgrip was made with a single video camera app

When doing this video on Beastgrip, audio was the first consideration. While I had a Lectro wireless lav kit in my bag, it just didn’t feel right in this run-and-gun context to wire up the subjects. I shot this with a Sennheiser shotgun I’ve had for 20 years. When I did the b-roll shots I manually tilted the mic on the ball swivel to point to the speaker’s mouth because although I try to be in denial that I won’t want the sound later, when it comes down to it I know that you get great sound clips especially when the lens is no longer pointed at the subject. I switched to a 1080 project for slow-mo portraits shots, but I was moving so quickly, I didn’t set the manual shutter on Filmakr and of course got flicker. Lame camera work on my part there. This is all handheld and I do little pseudo tracking moves on b-roll/portrait shots. While I followed the general linear flow of the interview/demo, I did rearrange the sound-bites a bit. The “hide clip” feature was very helpful for keeping potential/unused b-roll clips close to their potential a-roll partner shots while not having to remove them from the filmstrip; this way you can play down the cut and not see this material, but it’s still at your fingertips for editing. Drag-down to duplicate clip proved very useful to in case I was attempting a complex edit I wasn’t sure of, so I knew I could always trash that a just keep the original duped clip, or delete that dupe if my experimenting was a success. The one shot of me filming provided by someone else who happened to be shooting was manually synced to my camera sound to match the action with audio. I’m a fiend when it comes to editing dialogue (although you might not notice which is the point) and I’ve carried that over from desktop to my Filmakr editing. I’ve cut out pauses, ums and ahhs, as well as unneeded content of course and slugged b-roll on top. To state the obvious, this keeps the pace going at a good clip in the ongoing quest for non-boringness (a super-duper technical term, that).

Filmakr settings: 4k 100 Mbps, External Mic Level, Manual Audio Gain Control, Custom Preset, Manual Focus/Exposure (should have used manual shutter for slo-mo shots!!!), Slo-mo true 120 fps 1080 at 50Mbps, Fast-mo 10x

Of course the Filmakr Title Tool was used to put the motion graphics final touches.

Filmakr tweaks: Drag & Drop b-roll, Slice, Trim, Mix Clip Audio, On-clip Titles, Titles, Intro/Outro, Import Clip

Hardware: iPhone6s+, BeastgripPro, Rotolight RL48, cold shoe attached to ball swivel with camera shoe connector, Sennheiser ME66/K6 with phantom power, 1-foot Sescom iPhone/iPod/iPad to XLR Mic & 3.5mm Monitoring Jack Cable which is this:

(Download the 3840×2160 file on Vimeo for full quality)

FILMS LIST displaying media sizes:

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Cool rig setup by @gspyros @filmakr at @photoplusexpo . Shot with @iblazr #iblazr2 #beastgrippro #wideangle #iphone6plus #iphoneonly #sennheiser @sennheiser
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