Camera Apps: Filmakr Pro Video Powerhouse

Of all the video camera apps on the App Store, Filmakr in our humble opinion is the best video app.

The King of Video Camera Apps

Focus & Exposure:

(For tips on how to use the camera including manual focus and exposure: tap on the GEAR Button, then explore the hints and interactive tutorials there.)

Tap camera screen, focus slider appears on right & exposure stepper on left.

Focus: if tap&hold to set a mark, slider affects that. Set second mark, slider affects that & mark 1 is inactive dashed-circle.

Rack Focus: tap a mark, focus pulls to that mark & slider now controls that mark. Rack speed setting is under slider 1x 2x 3x
Tap anywhere else on screen to get auto focus (any marks become dashed/disabled) Double-tap focus marks to remove.

Make Exposure stepper appear: touch focus mark, slider or screen. If set exposure lock stepper does not fade off. Double-tap for auto.

Tap GEAR BUTTON > WB or EXPOSURE > CUSTOM. On camera screen, if tap Custom Exposure indicator Shutter/ISO controls show without having to tap through the GEAR etc. Double-tap for auto.

When a custom shutter set the only way to affect exposure is with ISO, so can even change ISO while recording.

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