Banner For Trade Shows — Get Your Own!

all in one mobile video editing camera app intuitive ui shoot film shot stitcher cutpoint looping preview variable speed rack focus drag drop b-roll follow filmakr girl jump desert outdoors imageNeed a cost-effective (read CHEAP) but quality banner for a trade show or conference? We did! We are headed to Collision Conference in New Orleans from April 26 – 28, and then straight of to MojoCon (Mobile Journalism Conference) in Dublin, Ireland April 29 – 30. As we will be exhibiting at both venues, we needed a light-weight portable banner to set up. Read more

Filmakr in Thailand

Looks like the Thai translation (localization) of the app is paying off. Thai tech reviewer Bakky Ummata gave us a nice write up on his site Nua Nia. Here’s a translation for the English-speaking among us.

Filmakr Review: All in One Video filming app. Take video like a pro!

If you want an all-inclusive app, Filmakr is your best choice.

filmakr thailand beautiful user interface design record button beastgrip tech review technology iphone app palm plants leaves rustic thai image

A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone from overseas because he liked my Beastgrip Pro review. I was really surprised but after a few talks with him, I found out he was from the Filmakr app development team. And this team is also friends with Beastgrip Pro. They wanted me to test their Filmakr app, and I think this app is cool, so I’m going to introduce it to all of you. Read more

George Spyros On How Low-Cost Video Cameras Are Disrupting the Job Market

panasonic dvx-100 digital video camera prosumer mini dv filmakr iphone interface ui ux best video app photo
Renee Ward’s column LA Job Search Examiner over at features Filmakr creator George Spyros commenting on the history and ways in which high quality low cost cameras are disrupting the film/video job market. Read more