Craft Beer Online from a Startup – VIDEO

craft beer directly from brewery ipa distributer brew beers twitter photoYou’ve tried the beer of the month club. You’ve googled “beer near me” and “beer distributor near me.” Still you’re stuck with that bland Corona beer you had in the fridge. How can you get Craft Beer online? Get the lowdown on The Beer Connect disrupting the distribution of craft beers with Founder Christopher Young.  Filmakr creator George Spyros created this short film entirely using our camera app / editing app.

How this short film was made with a single video maker app

Filmakr creator George Spyros shot on his trusty iPhone 6S+.The Beastgrip Pro provided stability. A Beastgrip wide-angle lens makes the establishing shot nice and grand. The cold shoe mount held the Sennheiser shotgun for nice directional audio. A Filmakr custom preset was created for this series of films. The 1080p preset included a Music Bed, Intro / Outro titles and Intro Bumper. He shot the interview with Beer Connect Founder Christopher Young. Then he shot the b-roll footage, but there wasn’t anything really great to use. He edited by slicing the interview clips and removing unwanted sound bites. After rearranging the sound bites to tell the story, he imported some screen capture video of The Beer Connect site via Dropbox. This footage was used to illustrate the interview leveraging Filmakr’s one-of-a-kind drag-and-drop b-roll feature.

Like Filmakr Labs, The Beer Connect participated in the Collision Conference 2016 Alpha program.

Watch this Beer Connect video on YouTube

Watch the Filmakr Filmstrip play back:

What is The Beer Connect?

The Beer Connect is a new way to buy craft beer online directly from top craft breweries and have it shipped to your doorstep. You can’t get fresher craft beer.

The Craft Beer Problem

  • Craft Beer selection is very limited due to distribution and shelf space constraints.
  • The quality of a beer can be compromised due to improper storage.
  • Often times products may also be sold past their expiration date because nobody is holding retail locations accountable.
  • “Bottle bloat:” Breweries sell their beer to distributors at a discounted rate, then distributors sell it to the retailer with an increase tacked on. The retailer then turns around and tacks on another increase. In the end, the customer pays more, and the distributor and the retailer profit more.

The Craft Beer Solution

As of right now there are 25 states that allow direct to consumer shipments of Craft Beer directly from the Brewery. The Beer Connect allows the money to stay where it belongs, in the hands of the hard working people who create the craft beers people love, rather than going to a big corporation. This platform is attempting to create a level playing field for Craft Breweries and Big Beer.