Drone Entertainment by Verge Aero, Collision 2016 VIDEO

drone entertainment light show sky fly quad copter verge aero photoDrone entertainment is a brave new frontier. Verge Aero is pioneering drone automation.  Watch our video of Verge Aero folks Michael Duffy and Anthony Merlino.  They talk about their drone automation software for entertainment. Like Filmakr Labs, Verge Aero participated in the Collision Conference 2016 Alpha program. Filmakr creator George Spyros created this film entirely using our camera app / editing app.

How this short film was made with a single video camera app

Filmakr creator George Spyros shot on his trusty iPhone 6S+. The Beastgrip Pro provided stability. A Beastgrip wide-angle lens makes the establishing shot nice and grand. The cold shoe mount held the Sennheiser shotgun for nice directional audio. A Filmakr custom preset was created for this series of films. The 1080p preset included a Music Bed, Intro / Outro titles and Intro Bumper. He shot the interview with these gents and then the b-roll footage. He edited by slicing the interview clips and removing unwanted sound bites. After rearranging the sound bites to tell the story, used Filmakr’s drag-and-drop b-roll to illustrate the interview.

Drone entertainment in action

Drone automation can be used for lots of things. Live music concerts. Movie-making. And more. Will bands like U2 or Lady Gaga adopt aerial drones? Perhaps to light up their acts on tour? Will cinematographers use drone automation? Maybe to get perfect moving compositions. Or to jazz up the next big superhero blockbuster.

Watch this Verge Aero video on YouTube

Watch the Filmakr Filmstrip play back:

drone delivery package sky fly quad copter verge aero photo

Who is Verge Aero?

Verge Aero is a drone automation company. They specialize in automation of drones for drone delivery and drone choreography.  The founders have a background at Boeing Aeronautics. Verge Aero is based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Multi-drone Choreography for Drone Entertainment

Multi-drone Choreography involves controlling multiple drones. This is done using drone automation and Verge Aero’s control software. Verge Aero can control multiple coordinated drones simultaneously. One potential application is choreographed eye-catching drone displays. Another would be multiple coordinated videography drones.

Custom Drone Automation

Verge Aero can also custom automate drones. Custom automation targets new markets like drone delivery or precision agricultural.

Drone Races! Yeeha!

People also use drones for drone-racing. Aerial and Ground Cinematographer Nick Lang is breaking new ground, or shall we say “new air,” here. Check out his absolutely kick ass video about the 2016 Philly Opera House Cup. Drones race at top speeds through historic Philadelphia buildings indoors!  They say in the video this is “history meeting the future.” The future is bright for drone technology. Seems like a good thing Verge Aero has gotten onboard early on. Philly Race Organizer Phil Tucker wants to build a big drone-racing community. He is looking to have six to ten races by the end of the year. Will you get involved?

Watch this Drone Aero video on YouTube