Filmakr Filter: Storaro

filmakr app filter storaro vittorio film look cinematography director of photography saturated yellow deep cyan high contrast earth tones italian rod keenan hat fashion photo image
Rod Keenan, Milliner with Filmakr Premium Filter “Storaro” applied.

Filmakr Premium Filter Storaro

Inspired by the look of Storaro’s work on The Conformist, this saturated and high-contrast filter layers a subtle yellow cast over the mid-tones  resolving into deep cyans in the highlights and bringing out earthy tones in skin.

Vittorio Storaro Master Cinematographer

Vittorio Storaro is widely regarded as a master cinematographer with a sophisticated philosophy largely inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s theory of colors, which focuses in part on the psychological effects that different colors have and the way in which colors influence our perceptions of different situations. Storaro earned his first cinematography credit in 1969 for Giovinezza, Giovinezza [Youthful, Youthful]. His third film La Strategia del Ragno (The Spider Strategy) marked the beginning of his long collaboration with Bertolucci. In 1970, Bertolucci and Storaro collaborated on The Conformist, a seminal film in the history of contemporary cinematography.

Storaro’s first mainstream studio film was Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Ford Copolla in 1979. Storaro earned his first Oscar for that effort. He received his second Oscar in 1981 for Reds, directed by Warren Beatty, and the third one for The Empire of the Sun, in 1987, directed by Bertolucci. Storaro earned a fourth Oscar nomination for Dick Tracy in 1990.

His other feature credits include 1900, Luna, Last Tango in Paris, Tucker: A Man and His Dreams, One From the Heart, Little Buddha, Ladyhawke, Tango and Bulworth.

Vittorio Storaro, what does a student of cinematography need to know?