First Look at Filmakr App on iPhone by YouTuber MikeR VIDEO

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Thanks Mike R for purchasing and taking a first look around Filmakr!

A First Look:

First launch, look around, no idea what I’m doing :)

You are on the cutting edge of our pre-lunch (very unpublicized) version. Nice use of Chewbacca BTW. Much love.


  • Once you touch or drag your filmstrip to enter Playback Mode, tap the video to play your auto-edited film.

  • Double-tap clips to trim & tweak. Tap Pro Tips fore more info. Tap MAKE to finish your film.

  • On your Main Camera Screen, tap the + Button in the upper-right corner to create a new film from a Preset. Presets let you start a new film with settings applied: live filters/film look, speed like slo-mo or strobe-mo, aspect ratio, title settings and more.

  • To change Film Settings like aspect mask, music, speed, format (ie HQ 50mbps 48kHz) tap top center drop down.

More documentation and official launch coming soon…