Premium, Camera, Editor – How to Upgrade Filmakr

filmakr premium business interface in app purchase logo store pro features ui ux imageWhy does Filmakr have so many upgrades anyway? Camera? Editor? Premium? They are reaaaaaalllly annoying.

We’re super proud of Filmakr and the more you drill into it you’ll find how powerful it is. Now with that said, we are technically a PAID app, but have recently set things up so we can release as PAID or FREE. We used to be Paid for the camera/editor with only one upgrade to Premium. Customers began to request access to the Create Custom LUTs feature separate from the Premium Subscription, so we happy obliged! Then some folks said, “Hey, I just want the camera but not the editor” so we revised the app to do that. Now the choice is yours. As for sometimes offering the app for FREE in the first place, Apple provides no way for users to sample the app as a Free Trial other than as a free download. This is important for independent app developers like us since we’re not a big company with a marketing budget. Getting the app into as many hands as we can is really important for Filmakr to thrive. So with that, please give us a 5-star rating and review on your mobile device or via your computer, tell all your friends you love us, and by all means please upgrade to unlock the power!

How to Upgrade Filmakr to Remove Watermark

  1. Tap the F button
  2. Tap the Upgrade Link
  3. Tap Basic
  4. Tap Buy

How to Upgrade Filmakr to Make Your Films

  1. Tap the F button
  2. Tap the UPGRADE NOW Link
  3. Select option to purchase
  4. Manual Camera
  5. or Best Deal Bundle

How to Upgrade Filmakr to Premium For Business

  1. Tap the + button
  2. Swipe to select a preset with a badge UPGRADE NOW Link
  3. Tap the badge
  4. Select 1-month FREE TRIAL
  5. or BUY NOW