Intro Bumper Collision Conference 2016 – VIDEO

intro bumper collision conference animation type text titles video filmakr imageFilmakr creator George Spyros made a series of films about Alpha Attendees at Collision 2016. To do so, he first used Filmakr to assemble an Intro Bumper.

What is an Intro Bumper?

An Intro Bumper is an animated title or montage introducing your film. Your Filmstrip has dedicated areas for Intro and Outro clips like an animated bumper or titles.

Using Custom Presets

Anything in your Intro and Outro areas get saved into a Filmakr Custom Preset you make. When you use this preset to create a new film, your Filmstrip is already set up with your Intro and Outro content. Any clips you shoot with the camera are automatically inserted into your Filmstrip between your Intro and Outro.

Creating the Collision Intro Bumper

Because he was making a series of films, George first created an 20 second Intro Bumper and then a Custom Preset. He filmed a variety of shots at 1080p 50Mbps 120 frames per second slow-motion. The Beastgrip Pro provided handheld camera support. The Beastgrip wide-angle lens makes a number of shots much more epic. He imported a Premium Beat music clip via Dropbox. Audio mix was set to “MUSIC ONLY” in the Film Settings so that all camera audio would be muted. He then cut together the clips into a montage set to music. He Trimmed, Sliced, Rearranged, and Scaled clips. For polish, he set the Filter in the Film Settings to Croenweth + 8mm Film Grain at 25% opacity + Light Leaks Constant at 25% opacity. He tapped the MAKE button to render the finished film to the Camera Roll.

Creating the Collision Custom Preset

George created a New Film using the Preset “BLANK”. He tapped the top-center dropdown (Film Settings), then tapped 1080 30p (Format) and changed the format to 50 Mbps High Quality. He tapped the “+” Button in the timeline and imported the bumper from he camera roll. He dragged the bumper clip into the INTRO Area. He used the same process to import an animated clip of the Filmakr logo and the Collision logo. Both of these clips were dragged and dropped into the INTRO area. Finally, he imported another Premium Beat music track “loop” via Dropbox. In the Film Settings, he tapped the round MUSIC button and then adjusted the settings to MUSIC ONLY. Finally he tapped “MAKE PRESET” in the upper right corner of the Film Settings screen. A Custom Preset was generated and added to the Create New Film screen’s carousel of Presets. He tapped on the default name and renamed the preset “Collision 2016”.