iPhone LUTs: How to Create Custom Filters

iphone luts video camera app filter editor filmakr gorgeous videography film look lut look up table color correct grading photography filmmaking cinematography imageThe iPhone LUT used to create the Filmakr Ballhaus filter.

iPhone LUTs are used to create unique looks for Filmakr filters. It’s easy to create your own custom looks by editing an small image file. Here’s how.

How to use iPhone LUTs to Create Custom Filters for Filmakr

iphone luts Filmakr-LUT-Template The Filmakr LUT Template Download it here.

Hello Filmakr!

Filmakr-LUT-Template.png template is your neutral LUT that you use to create an infinite variety of looks for your films.

How to create a custom LUT:

Step 1: Place Filmakr-LUT-Template.png on your hard drive.
Step 2: Open the template in Photoshop.
Step 3: Drag a test photo or frame capture from your footage onto a layer above your LUT template.
Step 4: Create a new adjustment layer.
Step 5: With your adjustment layer selected, go to Image > Adjustments > Curves
Step 6: Adjust curves to achieve your desired look and once you have what you want…
Step 7: Turn off your photo layer and you will see the adjustment layer being applied to your template.
Step 8: Export your completed custom LUT (command + option + shift + S) as a PNG-24 file.

How to import your custom LUTs into Filmakr:

Method 1: Save your custom LUT file to Dropbox > Apps > Filmakr > Custom Filters and import from the Create Custom filters screen

Method 2: E-mail your custom LUT file to your device, save it to your Camera Roll and import from the Create Custom filters screen

Wait a minute — what exactly is a LUT?

You know how when you want to find the answer to something you go look it up? Well LUT stands for Look-Up Table. In this case, a visual table of color values. Since your custom LUT contains all the “answers” you created in Photoshop, the camera can ask it exactly how you want your image to appear. Nerdy and magical.

We’re looking forward to seeing your gorgeous films!

Team Filmakr

For more information, tips and in-depth tutorials go to filma.kr/how-to-create-custom-filters

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