Rotolight RL48 & NEO – PhotoPlus Expo VIDEO

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Filmakr creator George Spyros shoots an interview and demo with Rod Aaron Gammons of Rotolight — using a Rotolight! And of course also using Filmakr the all-in-one camera editing app solution…

Short films made with a single video camera app

George shot on his trusty iPhone 6S+ 4K 100 Mbps. The RL48 LED ringlight was mounted on the Beastgrip Pro via a Beastgrip cold shoe mount. A Filmakr custom preset was created for this series of films. The 4K to 1080p preset included a Music Bed, Intro / Outro titles and Intro Bumper. After he shot the interview, he then he recorded all the slow motion b-roll footage. He edited by slicing the interview clips and removing unwanted sound bites. After rearranging the sound bites to tell the story, he used Filmakr’s drag-and-drop b-roll to illustrate the interview.

The Rotolight RL48

Easy to use and fast to set up. Billed as great on location or in a studio. The Rotolight rl48-b stealth delivers ‘Flicker Free’ continuous light. Excellent color rendering (CRI>91). Provides soft, diffuse lighting. Features that classic ‘Ring-Light’ effect. No ‘Red Eye’ or shadows.

Includes seven ‘Lee Filters’ Lighting Gels: variable color temperatures plus dimming / diffusion and minus green filters. Mounts onto your lighting stand, tripod or Hot-Shoe camera accessory via the Rotolight RL48-STAND adapter (sold separately).

Stealth RL48-B Professional HD LED Ringlight

The Rotolight Neo

The NEO is an on-camera or location LED lighting fixture. It was designed to suit the most demanding of professionals. NEO’s Bi-Color LED system with AccuColour™ delivers exceptional color rendering (>CRI:95+) and tunable color thanks to the accurate color temperature display (CCT).

NEO On-Camera LED Light

Rotolight is a rapidly growing family business based at Pinewood Studios, UK.  They specialize in the manufacture of multi award winning on-camera, studio and location LED lighting systems for photography, videography, broadcast and cinematography.