Soundtrack Music: How To Add a Song to Your Film

soundtrack music screen beautiful user interface design audio fade set in point volume tech technology iphone app waveform beats headphones urban rapper prince little red corvette song track filmakr imageFilmakr includes a feature that let’s you easily add music to your films. Here’s how to work with Soundtrack Music.
Filmakr can apply a music track to the part of your Filmstrip between the Intro/Outro Areas. If this Soundtrack Area is longer in duration that the music track you have selected, Filmakr automatically loops the music up to the Outro. PRO TIP: Stock music loops work very well in Filmakr.

Importing Soundtrack Music Track

Method #1

  1. Tap Film Settings (Top Center Dropdown).
  2. Tap the large circular Music Button.
  3. Tap the Music Button on the bottom.
  4. Select where you want to import music from: Filmakr, iTunes, or Dropbox.
  5. Select your music track.
  6. Tap Import.

Method #2

  1. Tap the + Button in the timeline
  2. Select where you want to import music from: Filmakr, iTunes, or Dropbox.
  3. Select your music track.
  4. Tap Import.

Setting your Soundtrack Music Options

  1. Choose between MUSIC ONLY (Camera Audio Muted) or CAMERA + MUSIC.
  2. Adjust volume by sliding the horizontal yellow line up or down.
  3. Set the In-Point be dragging the left-most yellow circle to the moment in the song you desire.
  4. Set the Out-Point be dragging the right-most, solid yellow circle to the moment in the song you desire.
  5. Set the Fade In or Fade Out duration by dragging the hollow yellow circles.

Removing your Filmakr Music

On the Soundtrack Screen tap the X Button.

Using the Default Film Scratch Sound Effect

If no music has been assigned to your film, you can mix in the Default Film Scratch Sound Effect. By default the Film Scratch is set to zero volume. Simply raise the volume to include this looping sound effect in your film.

Reasons for using the Soundtrack Area

When your Soundtrack Options are set to CAMERA + MUSIC, the audio from your video footage is mixed with the song you have imported. Footage with audio has ambient noise in the background. Having a Music Bed helps to hide this potentially distracting background noise. Also, music can help hide the change in ambient noise that happens when you cut from shot to shot. Music can bring a feeling of consistency to your project. Of course the music you choose has a huge impact on setting the mood of your film. Music also cues your viewers as to what you are trying to make them feel.