Stock Footage for 360 Video: Stock Spherical

gopro hero 4 camera hang glide stock footage stock spherical photoNeed some 360 stock footage? Now there’s a marketplace for that. Watch the short film after the jump that was created entirely using only our video app Filmakr.

Like Filmakr Labs, Stock Spherical participated in the Collision Conference 2016 Alpha program.

Watch this Stock Spherical video on YouTube

How this short film was made with a single video app

Filmakr creator George Spyros shot on his trusty iPhone 6S+.The Beastgrip Pro provided stability. A Beastgrip wide-angle lens makes the establishing shot nice and grand. The cold shoe mount held the Sennheiser shotgun for nice directional audio. A Filmakr custom preset was created for this series of films. The 1080p preset included a Music Bed, Intro / Outro titles and Intro Bumper. He shot the interview and then the b-roll footage. He edited by slicing the interview clips and removing unwanted sound bites. After rearranging the sound bites to tell the story he used the b-roll to illustrate the interview leveraging Filmakr’s one-of-a-kind drag-and-drop b-roll feature.

For 360 Stock Footage Check Out Stock Spherical

Stock Spherical is a web startup marketplace for buying and selling stock 360 videos. Clips are created by a community of immersive creators. Creators earn progressive commission rates. The more they sell the more they earn. The site is geared towards 360 videographers being able to run a sustainable business model. This is an opportunity for media makers everywhere to earn money licensing their work for use by others – simply, quickly and easily.

NON-EXCLUSIVE AUTHOR: The media can be used in either commercial or editorial productions. Few restrictions, depending on rights clearance status. Standard license duration is perpetual.

EXCLUSIVE AUTHOR: Media exclusive to Stock Spherical. Of exceptional quality. Both in terms of objective and subjective attributes.

The footage on the platform is truly killer. This is 360 video that rocks.