Time Magazine iPhone Milestones Includes Bentley Motors Video

Time Magazine highlights the first 7-years of the iPhone. There are markers like “iPhone Launches on Verizon,” “App Store Downloads Top 40 Billion,” and of course super-fun ones like “First iPhone Goes to Space” referring to Nasa’s final shuttle launch (while we were more tickled by the famous iPhone space-journey — well, ok, upper-atomospher journey — video included below).  All in all there really aren’t a great number of milestones which is why it’s so impressive to see the Bentley Motors video shot on the iPhone 5s make it to the list. Exciting stuff, we’ll be joining you soon….iphone milestones timeline time magazine bentley motors iphone 5s video seven years image

Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth (BOOK)

Startup marketing success secrets are much sought-after. We found this book How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth to be particularly helpful in considering how to roll out a product. The main takeaway: pick an initial traction channel that is working and focus on that until it burns out, and then move on to the next most effective traction channel. So if you find that Facebook rather than email is working for you, stay with that until that approach loses steam. Read more