Filmakr in Thailand

Looks like the Thai translation (localization) of the app is paying off. Thai tech reviewer Bakky Ummata gave us a nice write up on his site Nua Nia. Here’s a translation for the English-speaking among us.

Filmakr Review: All in One Video filming app. Take video like a pro!

If you want an all-inclusive app, Filmakr is your best choice.

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone from overseas because he liked my Beastgrip Pro review. I was really surprised but after a few talks with him, I found out he was from the Filmakr app development team. And this team is also friends with Beastgrip Pro. They wanted me to test their Filmakr app, and I think this app is cool, so I’m going to introduce it to all of you. Read more