A Quick History Of The Staunton Chess Set

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Whether or not you know how to play Chess, one of the world’s oldest games, it is highly likely the checkered board and famously recognizable playing pieces are nothing new to you. However, few know the story of The Staunton Chess Set and how it became the standard around the world. Read more

Fiilex 301 3-Light P360 LED Kit

fiilex 301 3 light p360 led kit video gear film stands softbox case equipment organize photoI love this Fiilex light kit. I had occasion to get it for a shoot overseas in Paris since I needed a something compact and portable but with lots of flexibility. It’s super lightweight and I love how it is organized in the case. You dial in the color temperature and it comes with a softbox. The best thing, they emit no heat whatsoever. One little design hitch is the cable to the power supply is short from the unit head, so that weight can hang pulling on the head. To remedy this you’re obliged to dress the cable over a knob on the stand. Read more