Presets: Finish Films Before You Start – One-Tap Magic.

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One tap on a Filmakr Preset magically creates your film with a look and feel people love. No busy work. Just beautiful finished films. Instantly. Presets are kinda like Instagram filters in reverse: you apply them first so that’s there’s no fussing later. Finish your films before you start!

Using One-Tap Presets

1. Tap “+” in the upper-right to Create New Film.
2. Select a PRESET. Presets create your film with:
Format (4K, 1080), Aspect Ratio, Filter, Music & Speed.

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Presets Assign Film Settings for your Project

Presets are not for camera settings. Presets are all the settings upi assign to your film project: filter, music, motion, format like 1080 etc. To change Film (Preset) Settings like aspect mask, music, speed, format (ie HQ 50mbps 48kHz) tap top center drop down.

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The Blank preset is your vanilla 1080 24p 48khz audio at standard bit-rate.

The High Quality preset is the same as Blank 1080 24p 48khz audio at standard bit-rate but at 50Mbps.

Presets with Live Filters

These are 720 24p filters.

Anamorphic Mask
Herzog, Hud, Corbett-Fitzsimmons, Limite, Rio 40°, Häxan, Filmakr

HD or 16:9 Full Frame
Breathless, Porter’s Fireman, Spyros, Punctum, Cairo Station, Vigo, Solax, Deren, Mysterious X, Dreyer, Black Maria

Raging Bull, Grindhouse, Touch of Zen, Pulp Fiction

Square for Instagram/Vine
Latham Loop, Ozu, Gance, Vertov, Kuleshov, Eisenstein, Souls on the Road, Bitzer

4K Presets

4K preset is exactly the same as the native iOS camera app. It records 4K video at 50 Mbps with 44,1 kHz audio. 4K to 1080 preset captures at 4K but places the media in a 1080p timeline. This is great for scaling clips without image degradation.

Moondog Presets

You must use the Moondog Anamorphic Lens Adapter with Moondog Presets. These presets automatically desqueeze the image both for preview as well as for the media files written to your Filmakr mag (media libarary).
Moondog Anamorphic is 2554 x 1080 at 50 Mbps 48 kHz.
Moondog 4K Anamorphic is the highest quality you can get is 3840 x 1624 at 50 Mbps 48 kHz 24p.

Q: What’s the difference between the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Preset and the High Quality Preset?

A: Moondog records native anamorphic 2554x1080HQ / 1702x720HQ at frame rates higher than 60 fps.  HQ Preset records 1080HQ, so regular HD at 50 Mbps.

Important: Format

TOP CENTER DROP-DOWN > FORMAT: Your format is locked in once you shoot or import your first clip into your filmstrip for that film. Remove all clips or create a new film to use a different format.

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Aspect Ratio Masks: Anamorphic, 70mm, Instagram, Vine

Our video camera app provides you with a range of Aspect Ratio Masks

Aspect ratio masks are black bars that cover the iPhone’s native 16:9 High Definition to provide alternate sizes for your films. You can change your mask at any time. The original footage you copy to the Camera Roll or back up to Dropbox will not have your masked permanently burned into it.

When you MAKE a film, your mask is included burned into your finished film.

What are Aspect Ratio Masks used for?

Use aspect ratio masks to prep your films for sharing on square-format social sites such and Vine and Instagram, or to give your films that cinematic widescreen look such as 2.39:1 Anamorphic, 2.20:1 (70mm).

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With the arrival of television, video formats became 4:3 with standard definition and later 16:9 with high definition, which at 1.78:1 was a close match to 1.85:1 widescreen cinema. We have not included this 1.85:1 Academy Flat as an option since the video HDTV standardized ratio of 16:9 equals 1.78:1 and therefore is for all intents and purposes a comfortably close enough substitute for 1.85:1 We just didn’t feel little black slivers at the top and the bottom of the image were particularly useful nor did they say “cinematic”.

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How to use Filmakr Aspect Ratio Masks

1) Tap on the Top-Center Dropdown which navigates to the Film Settings screen
2) On the Film Settings screen, Tap on the center circle (16:9, 2.20:1, 2.39:1, or 1.1)
3) On the Aspect Ratio Mask screen, Swipe the UIPicker on the bottom of the screen to select your aspect ratio mask
4) Tap DONE in the upper-right corner

Note that these masks are black bars that are applied over the full frame. To shoot real, native 2.39:1 Anamorphic. Filmakr proudly supports the Moondog lens.