File Sharing: Export Media from Filmakr

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iTunes File Sharing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

You can copy files between your computer and apps on your iOS device that work with iTune File Sharing. Filmakr has the ability to use file sharing between your iOS device and your Mac. For instance, you shoot numerous clips into Filmakr, then copy them to your Mac so that you can open them in Premiere or Final Cut Pro for Mac OS X. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to locate your video folder inside of Filmakr and copy the entire contents to your computer. Read more

Vancouver Aquarium in Anamorphic

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This is how you do it filmakrs: gorgeous well-composed steady shots in glorious Moondog Labs anamorphic Home Movie Masters take note of this experiment from Donald Rees with his MoondogLabs lens and our Filmakr app at the Vancouver Aquarium!
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The Making of the Fast-Motion Disappearing Rainbow

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In the midst of today’s lazy Sunday afternoon, I heard my son calling from across the room and saw him looking up from assembling a Lego with his eyes fixed out the window. “There’s a rainbow, you should film it.” I leapt over to the window, launching Filmakr on my iPhone6s Plus, selected the 4K preset, hit record first, and then got into position. First there was the bug screen to content with so, I raised my arms high to the clear pane of glass above. Then I called for him to turn off the overhead lights to eliminate a reflection I was getting and finally settled on my composition cropping out some unwanted elements on the left and right sides of the frame. I held my arms up in the awkward position for 6 minutes sensing the rainbow would disappear. Some. Time. Soon. Even after the rainbow dissolved off I held the shot a good fifteen to twenty seconds longer knowing that I wanted to speed up the shot in post and that the additional moment of footage with clouds heading toward the building would serve to distinguish the before and after of the rainbow.

In playback, the head of the clip showed a bit of the window frame for a moment, so I double-tapped the clip and moved the left trim-handle to trim off these frames. Then I tapped the Motion icon under the clip and used the UIPicker over the video area to select Fast-Mo; I double-tapped the UIPicker to get to the Motion Settings Screen where I could chose 60x from the granular speed settings on the slider. Once the fast-motion clip rendered, I saw that is was 6 seconds — perfect for Vine! Before making and sharing, I tapped the Top-Center Dropdown, tapped the right-most circle BUG Button and selected the default URL BUG.

I tapped MAKE and then shared to YouTube. I wanted to share the clip to Vimeo as well so I tapped the Play Icon over the film’s thumbnail on the Films List, paused the video and tapped the V for Vimeo icon, entered my text and tapped SHARE. Whoosh, to the internets she went!

For sharing on Vine and Instagram I turned on the Instagram Square Aspect Ratio Mask, used Scale tool to reposition the image into the square frame.

Disappearing Fast-Motion Rainbow from Filmakr on Vimeo.

How to: Shutter Speed vs. Frame Rate

This is a good little tut to learn about the basics of shutter speed and frame rates so you can capture motion effectively. One important topic the lesson omits is the need to sometimes alter your shutter rate due to flickering lights.

Lower Third Creation with Filmakr’s Title Tool – VIDEO

lower third title tool black bar filmakr editing app iphone video camera clips clipbar timeline filmstrip interface ui ux design audio mix motion effect slice pretty girl fashion hat graphics type animation imageEver wanted to add a lower third, maybe with a partial opacity black bar behind your white text-over-video?  Filmakr’s got you covered with our Title Tool. Turn on fill and select white as the color of your font. Bonus: when you change your font to black, Filmakr knows to automatically change your background bar to white. Read more