Filmakr Filter ‘Vilmos’: Magic Hour for iPhone Video

Coming in at the number four position in the Warm & Natural set, our video app filter Vilmos is a Filmakr LUT-based filter named after Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond that brings magic hour to your iPhone video. Read more

iPhone Video Camera all you have? Doc Reveals Secrets of Two DPs

iPhone video camera no subtitles necessary lászló Kovács vilmos zsigmond poster cinematography cinematographer james chressanthis documentary film pro video camera image

Don’t have a pro video camera? If you only have an iPhone video camera to shoot with, use Filmakr and the secrets revealed in this documentary to produce work like cinematographers László Kovacs & Vilmos Zsigmond, Hungarian-born cameramen who became renowned cinematographers in Hollywood while maintaining a nearly lifelong friendship. Read more