Lower Third Creation with Filmakr’s Title Tool – VIDEO

lower third title tool black bar filmakr editing app iphone video camera clips clipbar timeline filmstrip interface ui ux design audio mix motion effect slice pretty girl fashion hat graphics type animation imageEver wanted to add a lower third, maybe with a partial opacity black bar behind your white text-over-video?  Filmakr’s got you covered with our Title Tool. Turn on fill and select white as the color of your font. Bonus: when you change your font to black, Filmakr knows to automatically change your background bar to white. Read more

Filmakr: The Only All-In-One Video-Making App — Sizzle Video

you tube videos camera apps slow motion filmakr app manual camera instant editor iphone ipad buy peter rojas intuitive ui facebook imageWe’re getting amped-up for our official launch as you can see from the release of our first-ever sizzle video. Filmed mobiliciously with love in Venice & Carmel California, Manhattan & Williamsburg NYC, Lancaster Pennsylvania, Fairfield Connecticut, Cancun Mexico, and London England. Main camera work by Gallo, Harris Done, George Spyros. You up for making some visually slammin’, emotionally compelling, and thought-provoking mobile films? Come join us, become a filmakr. Read more

What You Actually Want


It’s the difference between what people say they want, and what they actually want.

— Todd Yellin, Netflix’s VP of product innovation.

Word. Here at Filmakr Labs we’ve listened to input from professional DPs (directors of photography / cinematographers) and home movie makers not just by hearing what they say, but by watching what they do. The UX design (user experience) choices we’ve made let you make finished films, not just shoot a few clicks into your Camera Roll. We want to make sure you can quickly and easily make and share your family get-togethers, web antics, and stories needing telling. Just like Netflix wants you to watch what you actually want to watch, you want people to want to see your films. While Filmakr alone can’t unlock the inner creativity each and every one of us has inside, it sure can make it easier and more likely by taking lots of video-making obstacles out of your way.

The Verge: The science behind Netflix’s first major redesign in four years

Bentley Behind the Scenes: Filmakr Shooting the Bespoke Driving Jacket Short Film on iPhone 6/Plus

bentley austin reza director intelligent details bespoke driving jacket short film movi stabilizer camera video app editor iphone savile row fashion imageA while back the iPhone 5s marked a milestone in mobile videography shooting a spot for Bentley Motors. This go round director Austin Reza and cinematographer Harris Done have begun their transition to Filmakr as their go-to video-making app. Below you can see Filmakr in all its glory hard at work in LA and Savile Row. Read more

Early Mojo Experiments with Gary Vaynerchuk

wine pour gary vaynerchuk garyvee mobile journalism web video wine eco environment news interview mobile photoAfter shooting Mark Wahlberg on the Nokia N95 in 2008, I continued to experiment shooting web videos for Treehugger.com and Discovery’s Planet Green television network. Remember, this is before the iPhone could even shoot video. Here’s a sit-down interview I did with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk over a midday meal. In Part 2 Garyvee turns the lunch table on me grabbing the cellphone and having me taste the wine he’s talking about. I immediately fell in love with the promise of intimacy this type of reporting provides, to swooping around easily and seamlessly to grab coverage. It was delightful for me to compose the shots on the fly. I really got a kick out of adapting my handheld camera moves for shooting on a mobile phone. Kanting the camera on a dutch angle to frame with a wine bottle in the foreground, subject in the mid ground, and colorful activity happening in the background such as the waitress adjusting the umbrella.

george spyros wine library tv tasting glass gary vaynerchuk book 101 wines garyvee mobile journalism web video eco environment news interview mobile noikia cell phone mojo waitress restaurant cook shop

It’s up to us to adapt to it, be fearless in our framing. To be alive as alive and in the mobile moment as our subjects.

Lunch Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk shot on a Mobile Phone

Part 1

Part 2

Content for the Attention Span Impaired

Given these videos were intended for the web, and having been looking at early viewer behavior data coming in, we began to realize how sort internet clips needed to be. So we experimented with pulling some stand-alone soundbites. Quick, digestible stuff which at that time was labeled as “snack-sized content”.

Eco Tip


Being in the Mobile Moment

Sometimes the best material happens randomly in front of the camera. It’s up to us to adapt to it, be fearless in our framing. To be alive as alive and in the mobile moment as our subjects. Here’s an uncut moment where Gary chats with the owner of the Cook Shop restaurant about the wine we’re drinking. Further improvements in audio acquisition were to come in the future of my mojo trials.