Try This Tricky Fix for Slow Apple Apps on iPhone & iPad

clear cache iphone tips tricks hacks hack imageApple can be sneaky. They’ve left a hack in for speeding up some of their default iOS apps. For instance if the App Store app on your iOS device is getting slower or not showing app updates correctly. This new trick seems to either clear the “app’s” cache or could be seen as kinda like a force quit without the quitting bit; for this kind of tabbed application design, whats happening is perhaps refreshing the view controller stack — every time you switch tabs, the controller stack gets a new entry (by design) and so can get laggy. We’re not sure exactly, but this technique seems to help.

The Sneaky New Trick to Fix & Speed Up Slow Default Apple iOS Apps

Tap 10 times quickly in succession on any of the tab bar items (Favorites, Top Charts, Explore, Search, or Updates). You must tap on the same item 10 times and then you will see the app screen go blank for a few seconds before resetting as seen here in this video we’ve created:

AppAdvice reports this hack to work with native Watch and iTunes apps too and that the first person to bring this trick to light was Zachary Drayer on twitter.