Video Maker App Meets VidGage – VIDEO

vidgage brian jagger founder collision conference 2016 video comments blog video maker record monetize engage engagement respond content imageOur video maker app for iPhone (that’s Filmakr btw) gets a gander at VidGage, the plug-in that allows people to comment on websites and blogs with video comments. This film was created entirely using only our video maker camera app / editing app.

Like Filmakr Labs, VidGage participated in the Collision Conference 2016 Alpha program. VidGage founder Brian Jagger tells us about his product.

Watch this VidGage video on YouTube

How this short film was made with a single video maker app

Filmakr creator George Spyros shot on his trusty iPhone 6S+.The Beastgrip Pro provided stability. A Beastgrip wide-angle lens makes the establishing shot nice and grand. The cold shoe mount held the Sennheiser shotgun for nice directional audio. A Filmakr custom preset was created for this series of films. The 1080p preset included a Music Bed, Intro / Outro titles and Intro Bumper. He shot the interview with these gents and then the b-roll footage. He edited by slicing the interview clips and removing unwanted sound bites. After rearranging the sound bites to tell the story, used Filmakr’s drag-and-drop b-roll to illustrate the interview.

Meet VidGage

VidGage is a patent pending video commenting platform. The free plugin allows people to comment on websites and blogs with video or text comments, replacing the standard text only options currently available. Now user comments can be seen and heard from desktops, smartphones and tablets. Once the VidGage plugin is installed on a website or digital media platform (app, etc.) the audience gets the ability to instantly record and post video comments. They can even comment on comments and reply. All with self-recorded videos. They can still leave text comments as well. But why would you when now you can bee seen and heard?

VidGage plug-in enables:

Easily add video comments to preexisting websites
Monetized comments
Increased TOS and return visits
Commenting, replies and reply to replies all with video