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3 apps in one.

The only video app you'll ever need on your home screen.

  • 1. Full-resolution, high-quality manual camera.

    Hands down the best on the market.
  • 2. Dead-simple automatic shot-stitcher, no editing required.

    But when you want to make tweaks, it's also a powerful in-line editor.
  • 3. Device storage-free'er-upper.

    No more running out of space. A load off your mind. And your phone.

Make cinematic iPhone films fast.

Your film is done the moment you finish shooting.

Shots, music and titles automatically line up to create your perfect home movie or cinematic masterpiece. No editing required.

Tweaks made fun and easy.

For the times you want more control the tools you need are at your fingertips: rearrange, trim, slice clips and more.

Looping playback of transitions.

The easiest and fastest way to preview your edits and select the perfect moment.

Chose from 27 Powerful Presets

Presets save time and hassle by automatically creating each new film with a beautiful combination of settings. All with a single tap. Instantly achieve sophisticated finished films that are ready for the big screen.

Motion Effects

With more options than the built-in camera or any other app on the market


Fast-Mo / Hyperlapse


Titles and Credits

Add animated title clips and text over video for lower thirds quickly and easily. Auto-layout snapping makes composition a breeze.

All Aspects Covered

Put the finishing touch on your film with smart cropping for 70mm, Anamorphic, Instagram & Vine.

Shoot with the feeling of film.

Filter Packs

Live filters you see while you shoot. A range of color grades inspired by internationally renowned directors and cinematographers.

Film Look

Real film grain, vingettes and lightleaks instill bold or subtle qualities that you can only get from film. Preview them live while you shoot.

Make music beautiful

Change, add or mix preset Music.

Manage your video clips and device storage.

Delete finished films and free up space. Worry-free.

Real-time sync as you shoot

Select individual films or set all of them for automatic back-up.

Everything in the Cloud

Each of your clips is sent to Dropbox for safe keeping or use from a PC.

Simple media management

Clear up tons of space with a single tap: deleting your film removes multiple clips all at once.

Professional Focus Pulling

Set focus marks, tap on them to rack focus like the pros.

Want complete control? Upgrade to Filmakr Premium

Custom Presets

Presets save time and hassle by auto-creating each new film with your own beautiful combination of project settings.

Now save custom presets you create yourself by mixing your signature filtered film look with motion effects as well as title styles or music. Templatize your credits and bumper clips as Intros or Outros. Upgrade also includes presets Häxan, King Hu, Corbett-Fitzsimmons, Bitzer and Raging Bull.

80 Filters

Unleash your inner cinematographer with color, black & white or even shoot flat with the Log filter.

Import LUTs to create the custom filter of your dreams (LUTs are easy-to-make yourself using Photoshop or other applications). Hello gorgeous.

Add Custom Bug

Get the credit you deserve: Add a graphic logo or text over your entire film. See it preview live as you shoot.

Great for branding, watermarks, URLs, and handles for Twitter, Instagram or Vine.

Motion Effects

Automatically applied to both front and back cameras for poetry in motion: slow, hyperlapse, or our one and only strobe-mo.

Seven SLOW-MO speeds: 48 -240 fps. Seven FAST-MO speeds up to 10 times. Four STROBE effects 1, 3, 6 & 10 frame.

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